Dear guest,

It comes with great sadness that Orca Dreams will be canceling all trips for the 2022 season and into the foreseeable future.  I am absolutely gutted to have to do this. The following will explain why.

Last year the first nations band, whom are my landlords, elected a new Chief and counsel. The new chief and counsel have made a decision to do an archeological study on the location of the Orca Dreams camp which is indeed an ancient village site. Although I completely understand the importance of such a survey, this decision comes with a great disappointment.

I have operated on this location for 15 years between Orca Dreams and my last company Spirit of the West adventure. As you can imagine I am very saddened by this decision as I have invested my heart and soul into developing and operating both Spirit of the West Adventures and Orca Dreams since 1996. 

I spent months looking for an alternate location but unfortunately there is simply no substitue for the location we had that is not already being used by other commercial groups.     

In saying this we will no longer be taking any new reservations. For those of you that have already made reservations for 2022 and 2023 We will be offering a full refund.

If you have any questions, please email me at info@orcadreams.com

 I  sincerely appologize to have to bring this news to you especialy thoses guests that have had to postpone this trip for two years due to covid travel restrictions.  just want you to know that I tried my best to come up with a solution but in the end failed to do so.       

Kind regards, John Waibel 



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Orca Dreams

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Where dreams come true

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Whale watching with Orca Dreams

I am your host
JD. I along with our small and dedicated staff will be at our camp this summer spending time with extraordinary wildlife and wonderful people.

Join us. We promise you an unforgettable whale watching experience.

The tours

Join us for a whale watching holiday of a lifetime. From May 1 through late October we offer four-day whale watching and sea kayaking tours around Vancouver Island’s inner north coast.

We watched humpbacks lunge feed, breach and slap their tails – and that was just from camp. We also caught a beautiful fish, enough to feed our whole group. Unforgettable!

nadine with a fish

Jack and Nadine Mar

Avid fishers, and lovers of wildlife

Life at camp

The Orca Dreams camp, located on a small island off northen Vancouver Island, was designed with comfort in mind while still offering a wilderness experience. Each day we'll watch the abundant wildlife that surrounds us. We'll also take time to relax at camp, hike the trails or fish for dinner.

safari tents

the camp

Sip your morning coffee while breaching humpback whales, orcas and dolphins pass by your tent.

watching dolphins

the activities

Whale watch, sea kayak, and fish for salmon – it’s all in an Orca Dreams day.

breaching humpback

the wildlife

The star of the show is the marine wildlife in the waters around Orca Dreams camp.

Our location

Orca Dreams is situated on Compton Island a half hour boat trip from Telegraph Cove, on North Vancouver Island. This area is considered the best place to watch whales on Vancouver Island. Orca Dreams is situated in the center of the whale watching activity.

  • In the heart of the humpback feeding grounds
  • Orca whales pass through from mid July to mid September
  • Excellent salmon fishing
  • Meet the neighbours: dolphins, sea lions, porpoises and seals

Getting to the start of your tour

Orca Dreams in five pictures

Whale watching Canada

Orca Dreams offers four-day all-inclusive tours from our luxury island camp site in the wildlife rich area of Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Whale watching Vancouver Island is a once-in-a-lifetime exerience. This is your chance to sea kayak with killer (orca) whales or watch them from our boat, the Tenzing. From one of our many shoreline viewpoints you can watch humpback whales feeding. Orca Dreams is the only sea kayaking base camp where we catch our own salmon for dinner. For whale watching Vancouver Island visit Orca Dreams and let your wildest dreams come true.