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COVID-19 response


Orca Dreams COVID-19 Response update July 9, 2020

In light of the current situation with COVID-19 Orca Dreams has been implementing changes to their operations for the 2020 summer season. Due to the current travel restrictions in and out of British Columbia at present only guests from areas that are allowed to travel into and within British Columbia will be allowed to join our tours this summer, which currently excludes guests from outside of Canada.

We hope things return to normal for 2021, and that if not able to join us this summer, you will be able to in 2021, as we don't want you to miss out on the amazing experience.

Please see below how we will be operating for the 2020 season, in response to COVID-19, taking into account and following current guidelines in British Columbia, to optimize the health and safety of both our guests and staff.


  • We will aim to, when possible, run trips that are ‘Bubble groups’ (friends and/or family groups).
  • We will Limit group sizes on our trips.
  • All staff will undergo additional training to ensure COVID -19 best practices are implemented and adhered to.
  • For trips that are ‘bubble groups’ social distancing will not be necessary, except with Orca Dreams staff.
  • For trips that are mixed groups, Social distancing will be implemented when possible. In situations, whereby social distancing is not possible, all guests and staff will be required to wear masks.
  • We will be sending a questionnaire to all our guests a week prior to their trip.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any guests who within 14 days of their trip have:

  • Traveled outside of Canada.
  • Have had any COVID 19 signs and symptoms.
  • Have been in contact with a COVID19 positive person.

Around Camp

  • For private groups (bubble groups) social distancing will not be necessary.
  • For mixed groups, all guests will be required to social distance when possible.
  • When social distancing not possible all guests will be required to wear a mask.


  • As per guidelines: All meals will be plated and served by our staff, no family style shared meals and shared appetizers are possible.
  • Self-serve food, teas and coffee will not be available.
  • For Mixed Group Trips – we will organise tables to ensure social distancing during meals.

Guest tents and general camp cleaning:

  • To allow for adequate air exchange within rooms, staff swill wait three (3) hours after a guest has left the room before entering for housekeeping.
  • As per guidelines – Extra cleaning between guests will includes extra disinfecting of rooms, especially all high touch point areas.
  • Toilets and showers will continue to be cleaned regularly, including being disinfected regularly.
  • High touch point areas around camp will be disinfected regularly.

While on whale watching boat

  • We will l keep groups no less than 6 feet apart when traveling on the boat.
  • When groups must be closer than 6 feet all guests will be required to wear a mask.
  • The boat will be disinfected after each use.

Kayaking procedures

  • All kayak gear will be allocated at the beginning of the trip and the guest will keep the same gear for the remainder of the trip.
  • We will only use double kayaks unless we have an odd number of guests.
  • Guests will use same kayak for duration of trip.
  • All Kayaks will be disinfected after each trip.

Additional changes to our trips

  • Additional staff and guide training will be implemented to ensure best practises.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures at camp especially high touch points.
  • Additional personal protective gear for guides and staff.
  • Additional contingency plans and procedures will be in place for illness on trips and the possible need to quarantine guides, staff, or guests.