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Catching dinner

There’s something about catching a fish, cooking it on a fire and sharing it with friends that is, well, simply beyond words! In our modern daily lives we’re often quite detached from the reality of how our food comes to us. At Orca Dreams we offer you the chance to experience a more natural way of living and eating. Catching dinner may well be one of your fondest Orca Dreams memories.

We eat what we catch

You won’t find any trophy fishers on the Orca Dreams staff. While catching a big fish is undeniably a rush, our main goal in going out fishing is to feed the group at the end of the day. Once we have enough fish, we simply stop fishing. Of course there’s the odd day we don’t catch a thing, but our talented cooks just retreat to the kitchen, and dinner tastes as good as if we caught it ourselves.

I came in July and the salmon fishing was out of this world. We fished while watching whales surface around us. Unbelievable!

Dieter Kramer

The German fisherman

Fishing features

  • All five local species of salmon migrate past our camp
  • Halibut and rock cod are also on the catch list
  • Lessons and fishing gear are provided
  • We cook what we catch
  • Watch wildlife while you fish

Salmon cook out

The freshest fish you'll will ever eat

Imagine a day where we kayak in the calm of the morning, fish the afternoon bite, and finish off with a sunset whale watching cruise. This is just one variation on a theme at Orca Dreams.