September & October

Fall overview
September & October

Humpback whales the world over are known for their epic migrations, complex songs, and the acrobatic jumps that earn them their name. But no less fascinating is their feeding strategy. In the fall Pacific humpbacks are readying for their winter migration to Hawaii. From our camp you’ll see them lunge feeding – breaking to the surface with open mouths, the water sluicing out and hundreds of krill staying in. You can watch them feed all day, because it takes a lot of small fish to satisfy one big whale!

Early fall is also the time the sea lions pass through the Broughton. While they aren’t migratory, they occupy a vast stretch of ocean from Alaska to California, and they like to be on the move. We see them all around Orca Dreams camp as they travel to and from their northern rookeries.

Coinciding with our last tours of the season, the sea lions return to nearby haul-outs with their new pups. All around us they’ll be vocalizing, hundreds of sea lions growling all through the day and night. We may even see one devouring a salmon in its own unique way: by slapping it in the air to break it into smaller pieces.

trip highlights

  • Constant humpback whale activity
  • Displays of sea lions feeding on salmon
  • Beautiful sea kayaking on crisp fall days
  • Fewer people in the area, lots of wildlife
  • Our outdoor bathtub is very popular at this time of year!
kelly and jd

A personal note from your host

As we near the end of our season you’d expect things to start winding down in the wildlife world of Blackney Pass – but they don’t. Sea lions are calling from their haul-outs across the pass, epic numbers of gulls are feeding on herring balls, and humpback whales are more active than ever.

It’s a surprising time of year. We’ll be drifting a few hundred metres offshore in Tenzing, our double ender whaleboat, and suddenly we’ll be completely encircled by humpback whales. Everywhere we look we’ll see blows, breaches and lunge feeding. It’s truly amazing.

Soon the humpbacks will be leaving for warmer waters, a journey that means months without eating during which they’ll mate and give birth. No wonder they’re gorging themselves now! We’ll often see them gathering in tight groups and doing what is called ‘social feeding.’

For visitors who are passionate about wildlife photography, this season is well worth the wait.


I spent a few days with my husband and son at Orca Dreams and it was the highlight of our summer. We had a huge pod of dolphins swim along with our boat... what a thrill. Our son was quoted as saying “What is a better word than awesome?” The tranquil surroundings are divine and the sound of the whales blowing were continuous. What a treat! , Kelly and JD, for the memories. We can't wait to come back!

Deanna Knight and family
Vancouver BC

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