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Around camp

A paradise to be shared

Orca Dreams whale watching camp is located in what visitors can’t help but call ‘paradise’.

Where else can you explore white shell beaches spanned by the lush rainforest of the inner coast?

Where else does an ever-changing cast of marine mammals and birds of prey vie for your attention, nearly every moment of the day?

Where else can you immerse yourself in the natural world and yet be treated to unexpected pleasures – like a soak in an open air bathtub, watching orcas at play in Blackney Pass?

Come and experience Orca Dreams. We can’t wait to share our wildlife-rich paradise with you!

I travelled around BC for five months and this place was the most special. The camp was built with love and you can feel it.

Xavi Ramon

The chef from Catalonia

Camp features

  • One of BC’s most beautiful shorelines
  • A network of trails to whale watching lookouts
  • Private beaches off the beaten path
  • A clawfoot bath tub with lots of hot water and a view!
  • Wildlife. Did we mention wildlife?
  • Hundreds of nearby islands to explore

Want to go for a hike?

We have a whole island to explore

At Orca Dreams we’ve built a network of trails to some pretty magical places. One of our favourites we call the Nest, because it feels as though you’re perched high in a tree looking down on all the action in the sea below. Another spot we love is Humpback Point – and yes, the name really says it all.

We’ve developed a few trails to more secluded beaches as well, because sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re alone with nature in your own bit of paradise.