July and August

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July & August

By midsummer Blackney Pass is sea mammal central! These rich waters abound with orcas, humpbacks, sea lions, dolphins and seals – not to mention otters, porpoises, eagles, and birds of prey. A common attraction for many of these species (and that includes us) is the wild salmon that also navigates the Pass.

At Orca Dreams you have only to peek outside your tent for something to catch your eye – a soaring blue heron, a breaching whale, the fluke of a humpback. We specialize in total wilderness immersion!

Killer whales are best observed from mid July through the first week of September. If seeing orcas is a priority, please keep these dates in mind when you book your tour with us.

trip highlights

  • Best time of year to see orcas and humpbacks
  • Abundant salmon means great fishing
  • Summer weather at its best
  • Nice long days for sea kayaking
  • Suntanning on the Orca Dreams beach
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A personal note from your host

If you’re a serious lover of whales, this is one of the best times to visit Orca Dreams.

Blackney Pass, Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Strait are rich with both humpback whales and orcas. It’s the time of year when orcas sometimes gather into a ‘super pod’ – one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth. In our opinion this is comparable to the wildebeest migration in Tanzania.

The weather is usually at it best in July, the days are nice and long, and we get out in the kayaks more often. Paddling amongst the humpbacks and orcas is an unforgettable experience. At this time of year everything seems possible!


My boyfriend and I spent a long weekend at Orca Dreams at the end of the summer last year. We were thrilled to think that we might get to see whales, spend time on a boat and get some peace and quiet. Boy, did we set our expectations waaaay too low! Not only did we see at least one humpback a day (several times from the beach at camp), but we also saw more than a dozen orcas as well. We were witness to Pacific white-sided dolphins whizzing by and whirlwinds of seabirds dancing like they were on the Nature Channel.

Chrystal Mar
Victoria BC

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  • $1135
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