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The dining area

The joy of dining outside

Food is important to us, and so is the outdoor dining experience. Our fully equipped kitchen is housed in an open sided driftwood and timber frame building, adjacent to an open air dining area built in a similar style. The centrepiece is our communal table, artfully crafted from a single slab of 400-year-old western red cedar.

Where does our food come from?

We shop locally, of course, but what we love most of all is to catch our own food – including wild salmon – and invite our creative cooks to do their culinary magic. Camp meals rival those in downtown eateries, with an added touch of ‘fresh’ you simply won’t find inland.

When the fishing is good, we feast on salmon, halibut and cod. When the fish are eluding us (and yes, sometimes they do!) our cooks pull out the grill and create edible beauty from within the kitchen.

Vegetarian or dietary concerns

We offer a vegitarian option at every meal. If you have any other dietary restrictions please contact us by email and let us know of your allergies or dietary concerns. Due to our remote location we may not be able to accomodate strict dietary needs.

I still feel your whole place in me – the forest, the whale sounds, ocean movement and winds. So cool.

Suzan Clancy

Artist from Kaslo

Dining features

  • Every meal a celebration of good food and new friends
  • Feast at our single slab red cedar table
  • Listen to the whales while you dine
  • Hearty, healthy meals as fresh as can be
  • Beach barbecues when the weather is just right
  • Coffee and tea throughout the day

A place to relax

At Orca Dreams our camp life isn’t all about activity. We respect your need for personal time relaxing, curling up with a good book, or wandering our sandy beaches. There are many ways to take in the beauty that’s all around us.