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The camp

"A paradise to be shared"

Orca Dreams whale watching camp is located in what many refer to as paradise. We have white shell beaches, we are surounded by lush rainforest, and we are on the edge of one of the most wildlife rich places in Canada. We can not wait to share our paradise with you!

Around Camp

Humpback point

Orca Dreams has built a network of trails through our island rainforest to select lookouts over Blackney Pass. Our favorite "humpback point" offers stunning views over the humpback whale feeding grounds. There are few places anywhere on earth that compare with humpback point for its sheer numbers of humpback whales

The trails

Our coastal hikes take us through the rainforest to private beaches, beautiful lookouts, and whale watching hot spots. Our trails were built for your exclusive use. Besides, getting a bit of exercise after a morning of whale watching is always a good thing.

The Orca Dreams beach

Orca Dreams was built on the edge of a stunning beach. Our beach is known as White Beach named after its clam shell midden (discarded clam shells), which represents thousands of years of habitation by the Mamalilikula-Qwe’Qwa’Sot’Em first nation.

Surounding Islands

Orca Dreams is located amoundst the hundreds of Islands that make up the Broughton Archielago. There are endless places for us to explore. A truly wild, wild coast.